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Will Boyes is a multi award winning Production Designer based in Cape Town South Africa


Will has worked as a commercials Production Designer since 2004 and as a Feature film Supervising Art Director since 2008.


Over 24 years he has worked on 280 commercials and 14 feature films 

In 1994 Will started his feature film career as a standby propman , which gave him the opportunity  to work with some remarkable Long form  directors, most notably John Boorman ( Country of My Skull) and Ed Zwick ( Blood Diamond and Defiance). and many accomplished actors including : Nicolas Cage , Juliette Binoche , Leonardo diCaprio ,Samuel L Jackson, Ethan Hawk , and Daniel Craig .

Will started art directing commercils  in 2004 and in the past 19 years he has worked as a Production Designer for numerous established directors including :Terence Neal , Greg Gray, Kim Geldenhuys, Sebastian Strasser, Pierre Dupaquier, Pantera, James Rouse, Rocky Morton, Florian Meimberg, François Rousselet, Thomas Garber, Mark Toia, Charlie Stadler and many more

Brands will has made commercials for include : Coca-Cola , Adidas, Heineken, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Mustang, FIFA, Whatsapp, Huggies, Diesel, Lays, Alcatel , Schweppes, Visa, Fruit of The Loom, Bosch, Ikea, Kelloggs, Chicken Licken .


Will works in Sketch Up Pro for set lay out , design and conceptual animation  and Photoshop and Podium for conceptual rendering.


For Will film is a work of passion and He likes to surround himself with positive , creative people who have a can do attitude.


Will  loves the creative journey .

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