Will Boyes Has worked on 14 films and long-form series in over 10 years, as a supervising art director, art director and standby props.



Mr Bob

Production House: Moonlighting , CANAL +

Director: Thomas Vincent

Producers: Genevieve Hofmeyr , Christine Raspillere, Greg Buckle 

DOP: Dominique Boulleret

HOD: Daran Fulham        

Position: Supervising Art director




Production House: Moonlighting , BBC

Directors: Tony Mitchell        

Producers: Genevieve Hofmeyr, Detlef Siebert

DOP: Peter Greenhalgh

HOD: Jonathan Lee

Position: Supervising art director




Production House: Moonlighting , NBC

Producers: Genevieve Hofmeyr,

HOD: Jonathan Lee       

Position: 2nd unit art director




Production House: GHM Films Ltd _ ( international)

Director: Edward Zwick

HOD: Dan Weil

Producers: Pieter Jan Brug

DOP: Eduardo Serra

Cast: Daniel Craig and Lieve Schreiber

Position: Standby Props


Les Deux Mondes

Production House: Two Worlds Film Productions (PTY ) Ltd

Director: Daniel Cohen

Producers: David Wicht / Benoit Jaubert

HOD: Dan Weil

Position: Standby Props



Blood Diamond

Production House: Moonlighting

Director: Edward Zwick

Producers: Gillian Gorfil / Paula Weinstein

HOD:  Mark auret

HOD:  Dan Weil

DOP : Eduardo Serra

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly

Position: Standby Props



Lord of War

Production House: Reeleyes

Director: Andrew Niccol

Producers: Philippe Rousselet

DOP : Amir Mokri

Cast: Nicolas cage , Ethan Hawke and Jared Leto

Position: Standby Props



Racing Stripes

Production House: Moonlighting 

Director: Frederick du Chau

Producers: Lloyd Phillips, Genevieve Hofmeyr

DOP: David Egby ASC

Position: Standby Props


Country of my Skull

Production House: Film Afrika

OS Production: Phoenix Pictures

Directors: John Boorman

Producers: Nina Heyns / David Wicht / Robert Chartoff

HOD: Andrew Orlando

DOP: Seamus Deasy

Cast: Juliette Binoche, Samuel L Jackson,

Position: Standby Props



Citizen Verdict

Production House: Rapitrade 33 (Pty) Ltd

Directors: Phillipe Martinez

Producers: Phillipe Martinez / Andrea Kamm

Cast: Jerry Springer

Position: Standby Props


Home Alone 4

Production House: Moonlighting

OS Production : Fox

HOD: Mark Auret

DOP : Peter Bennington

Position: Standby Props



The Piano Player

Production House: Film Afrika

Directors: Philippe Martinez

Producer: Andreas Klein

Position: Props Assistant




The Groomsmen

Production House: DO Productions

OS Production: Groomsmen Productions Inc

Director:  Lawrence Gay

Producers: Brigid Olen / Neal Nordling

HOD: Leon Van Der Merwe

DOP : Michael Brierley

Position: Standby Set Dresser




Production House: DO Productions

OS Production: Traumwerk Film Produktion

Directors: Stefanie Sycholt

Producers: Marlow De Mardt / Jeurgen Biefang /

HOD: Mark Auret

DOP: Jurgen Jurges

Position: Art Dept Assistant